April 30, 2014

Wednesday Wanderings

Look, I don't have a whole lot of time for a flowery intro, okay?  Here are some news tidbits and links you should click...


The Doomsday Clock has returned to its prominent position at the top right of the blog, because the dumpster fire continues to smolder.  Goodbye Jake McGee and Demeitre Brim!

You will be missed, Jake.

It was a massive mistake to not fire Mike London and Jon Oliver after the 2014 season.  The Mickeymouse bullshit they pulled by dicking around with our best pure pass-catcher (moving him to wide receiver this spring) helps him scoot right out the door.  I'm sick to my stomach over this football program.  What a couple of clowns heading this thing up.  Assclowns.

"But but but but but, London is a great recruiter!" Really? Where are the freaking QBs? Where are the tight ends? Where are the offensive linemen?


My favorite part is that Jake McGee is plastered all over the schedule cards, the football poster, etc., and his #83 is one of the jerseys for sale in the Bookstore.  Look for it on the discount rack soon!  What a fucking embarrassment.


More "our football program sucks" news: The Orlando Sentinel, in an effort to rank and preview all 128 FBS-level football programs, places Virginia #119.  Out of 128.  That's the bottom 8% of D1-A football.

The teams we're ranked ahead of: Miami (OH), Cal, Kansas, UMass, Georgia Southern, Hawaii, Appy State, FIU, and Georgia State.

That means we're ranked BEHIND such heavy hitters as Iowa State, Indiana, Purdue, UAB, UTEP, Navy, fucking ARMY, Old Dominion (ugh), Idaho, 12 teams in the MAC, 11 teams in the Mountain West, the entire SEC (of course), most of the Sun Belt, and the entire fucking American Athletic Conference.

Now, this Orlando Setinel shit doesn't mean a damn thing... but bad publicity is bad publicity, and takes us further and further away from the possibility of the sleeping giant being able to ever wake up.  (Sleeping giant?  More like a dead midget.)


In lighter news, if you're hungry for more info about our newest basketball recruit, [Super] Marial Shayok, I invite you to tapslap HERE and HERE.  Good stuff, especially the second "HERE," which links to an awesome recruiting profile from old virginia.


If you're not watching the NBA, you're missing a heckuva first round of the playoffs.  You're also missing Mike Scott nailing five three-pointers and scoring 17 points in helping to gun the Hawks to another win over the Pacers on Monday night.  8-seeded Atlanta now hold a 3-games-to-2 lead over the top-seeded Indiana.  Go Hawks!

Mike Scott's success in the NBA is no small thing for Tony Bennett and the Virginia basketball program.  At some point, we need to be able to sell the fact that the path to the Association can wind through Charlottesville.  Elite-level basketball recruits care about that sort of thing, ya dig?


More NBA.  New commish Adam Silver moved swiftly and confidently in kicking that old scumbag Donald Sterling out of NBA ownership.  I think I might like this Silver dude better than David Stern.

And I think the NBA is set to make some serious progress under this new leadership.  Yes, the regular season is a soulless slog through 82 games, but with Virginia putting players in the pros, and the NBA set to sparkle under this exciting new leadership, I think now's a good time to jump in with both feet.


Speaking of "Virginia putting players in the pros," it looks like Akil Mitchell is having himself a pretty stellar pre-draft process.  He might join Joe Harris in cracking the 2nd round.  But if not, I'm sure both guys will get their chance as undrafted free agents.  Every team could use an Akil Mitchell.


HERE is a pretty good ACC basketball coach ranking.  Hard to argue with anything he wrote, but my own personal ranking might be slightly different.  I'd drop Roy Williams lower than #3, Gottfried lower than #9, and I'd give Jim Christian the benefit of the doubt over Brian Gregory, because I already know full well that Brian Gregory sucks.

My ranking:
1 - Mike Krzyzewski
2 - Rick Pitino
3 - Jim Boeheim
4 - Tony Bennett
5 - Roy Williams
6 - Jamie Dixon
7 - Leonard Hamilton
8 - Jim Larranaga
9 - Buzz Williams
10 - Mike Brey
11 - Brad Brownell
12 - Mark Gottfried
13 - Danny Manning
14 - Jim Christian
15 - Brian Gregory


Last thing: HERE is a really good read on UVA's pitching coach, Karl Kuhn, aka the "moundwhisperer."  Enjoy!


  1. One rumor is that the McGee and O'Brien didn't get along (remember before the BYU game when McGee was 3rd on the TE depth chart) and the move to TE/WR move was an attempt to reduce the amount of coaching he got from TOB.

    1. Hence the expression "Mickeymouse bullshit." Seriously, what kind of serious college football program does shit like that?

  2. I'm tinkering with ways to make the football season fun. One way is to follow Ball State alongside UVA. Hmm. Just noticed Lembo was extended earlier this year. I'm sure that isn't a huge factor overall, right? He'd still leave Ball State for UVA. RIGHT!? HE WOULD DO THAT, WOULDN'T HE!?


    2. He'd DEFINITELY do that. With the extension, Lembo received a pay raise from $396,000 to $475,000. We'd more than double his salary here. (However, Ball State also gave him the title of Associate Athletic Director.)

      Meanwhile, Tim DeRuyter (Fresno State) also got an extension, details as such: DeRuyter's base salary for 2014 will be $1.4 million, not including performance bonuses, and will automatically increase by $500,000 every season. If DeRuyter leaves Fresno State after the 2014 season, he would owe the school $2.8 million. The buyout drops to $1.4 after the 2015 season, $1 million after 2016 and $700,000 after 2017.

      That one takes him off the table for UVA, I think.

    3. Do you have an updated short list of candidates, K? Or basically the same as you put together previously?