May 19, 2014



  1. Oh we'll have something this week. Something incredible.

  2. for the record, I never have and never will post on thesabre or other UVA boards as "Pierce" or anything similar.

  3. You guys were awesome during the bball sweet sixteen We have tennis, women's lacrosse, baseball, and no posts? Shame yourselves.

    1. I've just been busy / tired. Also - and sorry to be bluntly honest - I don't really give a shit about tennis and women's lax. Men's lax was a sour disappointment, and I'm arriving at the opinion that we need to help guide Starsia into retirement, meanwhile baseball is freaking loaded but underperforming to their talent level. Call it basketball hangover, I guess. I'll get fired up after this weekend, once the NCAAT field is announced for baseball.

  4. haha I totally agree. I was thinking of writing one today called "Why do we keep losing?" but folks don't much like negativity.