February 4, 2014

This is the post that jinxes everything.

(Unless, of course, you don't believe in jinxes... or unless you think that Bennettball is unjinxable.)

Okay, so the 2013-14 season turned on a dime after the Tennessee game, and things are going swimmingly.  We're playing well, and frankly, we're kicking some ass.  We're poised for a 4-, 5-, or 6-seed in the Tournament, and will be locked and loaded for an extended run.  Feels like a Sweet Sixteen kind of team to me.

NEXT SEASON, 2014-15, we'll be replacing Joe Harris and Akil Mitchell in the starting lineup with Justin Anderson and Anthony Gill.  We'll replace Anderson and Gill on the bench with B.J. Stith and Isaiah Wilkins.  Not saying we won't miss a beat after losing Joe and Akil, but it should be a pretty strong team with a lot of experience on the floor.  Feels like a Sweet Sixteen kind of team to me.

But here's where things get really crazy.

THE SEASON AFTER NEXT, 2015-16.  Think about this.

  1. London Perrantes -- JUNIOR
  2. Malcolm Brogdon -- REDSHIRT SENIOR
  3. Justin Anderson -- SENIOR
  4. Anthony Gill -- SENIOR
  5. Mike Tobey -- SENIOR
Off the bench:
  • Evan Nolte -- SENIOR
  • Teven Jones -- SENIOR
  • Devon Hall -- redshirt sophomore
  • B.J. Stith -- sophomore
  • Isaiah Wilkins -- sophomore
  • Jack Salt -- redshirt freshman / sophomore
Now, this assumes no attrition, it assumes no NBA early entry.  But look at that team.  Think about how good these guys are right now... and then dare to imagine how good they'll be in two years.  That's two years of experience, of physical development, of playing together and gelling together as a unit.  And it doesn't even include whatever awesome freshmen we'll bring in as part of the 2015 recruiting class (another shooter, plus another big).

2015-16 is when Tony Bennett really turns five fingers into a fist.

And that's when we punch our way into the Final Four.

Hell, given that team top to bottom, I like our chances at winning a national championship.  A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.  IN MEN'S BASKETBALL.

SWISH, motherfucker.

(I told you this would be the post that jinxes everything.)


  1. Put me down for wanting the three in the midwest (assuming syracuse is the 1 in the east and we can't go there). It's in Raleigh.

    While I'd like to crush you for jinxing us, but I am right there with you man.

  2. But we're fans of Virginia, we're not allowed to have nice things

    1. I second Anon's pessimism. SOMETHING WILL GO WRONG

    2. Yes, something probably will go wrong, but we've paid our karmic debt tenfold. Time to reap some fucking rewards!

  3. K-man good stuff. Here is my advice to you. Screw thinking about 2014, and 2015 there are too many variables to even think about. Relish what you guys have going right now. This is a team that no one, and I do mean no one wants to draw in the tournament. Do I see you guys as NC this year in basketball... No , but if you told me Elite Eight, Final Four, I would not be shocked.
    Carpe Diem...
    FYI for those of you not passionate followers of the blog, I am Hokie and I still remember walking to the Superdome to play FSU for the NC in football thinking we would be loaded for the next 3 years. Look what that got us. Enjoy the now... think about 2014 and 2015 then.

    Right now I think you guys win the ACC regular season and draw a 2-3 seed.

    1. Thanks Doug! I am enjoying the now -- very much! I'm also allowed to let my mind wander, right?

  4. These are the kinds of posts that make Wahooze my UVA blog of choice. Unbridled cathartic optimism based in a plausible future reality. Gives a man hope. The other side of the football coin, if you will.

    1. Exactly! Thanks Nathan.

      As for football... I think it's pretty certain that the next time we'll even have a chance at a "good" season (meaning, 8+ wins, decent bowl game) is 2017. Sobering, eh?