July 1, 2013

Virginia Football 2013 Overview

"Easy-to-digest tidbits for the casual-yet-dedicated Hoo fans" is not really my cup of tea, I'll admit.  I think it's a noble cause, and I'm ecstatic that Pierce is tackling (pun intended!) the effort here on Wahooze.  But for me, the fun of writing about this stuff lies in the nooks and crannies of superfandom, in the fat folds under the spare tire earned by eating at the painful, heartbreaking buffet of Virginia Football.  There's not much that is easy to digest on that fucking buffet, believe me.

That being said, I recently stumbled across this gem from USA Today.  I think it's the most fair, level, well-written overview of our team that I've seen this offseason.  So it's definitely worth your click and worthy of a read.

(And yes, I do plan to write actual posts and not just link articles all the time.  Let me work through my current time crunch, you greedy bastards.)

Morgan Moses (and the UVA o-line) holds the key to a successful season.

Note: USA Today rates us #78 out of 125 (I think) FBS-level football teams.  That's basically the bottom third of the FBS, and surely the bottom fourth or fifth of the power conference [SEC, B1G, Big XII, Pac-12, ACC] teams.  Not awesome.  But honest, and probably spot-on in the assessment.

Anyway, this season figures to be an adventure, and we'll watch it unfold from our seats in section 515.  Go Hoos.

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  1. I am cautiously optimistic about this year based on the fact that the defense is blatantly the strength of the team this year. I feel like we always do better when that is the case.

    That being said I have absolutely no clue what is going to happen.