July 4, 2013

2013's Mixed Metaphor!

In 2009, the mixed metaphor was football and boxing, with the wildly popular and successful Fight Card series.

In 2010, the mixed metaphor was football and horse racing, with the unbelievably awesome Trifecta Box series.

In 2011, the mixed metaphor was football and Monopoly, with the incredible and inspiring Monopoly Properties series.

In 2012, the mixed metaphor was football and bowling, with the fantastic and compelling Bowling & Burgers series.

2013's mixed metaphor for my mind-numbingly brilliant position-by-position football preview is going to be... drumroll... MOVIES I LOVE!

Still gotta let this broast in its own juices a little bit, but it's coming together quickly.

Get your nostrils flared, Wahooze Nation.  I'm about to unleash something stinky.

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