April 19, 2013

Notre Dame @ UVA, 2015

This pretty much says it all.


Now we just need to make sure we have a team that's good enough to win that game.

Meanwhile, in case you give a crap*, here's Notre Dame's schedule as they tiptoe into this five-games-a-year arrangement with the ACC:

North Carolina
Wake Forest
@ Florida State
@ Syracuse (in MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands)

Boston College
Georgia Tech
@ Clemson
@ Pittsburgh
@ Virginia

Virginia Tech
@ NC State
@ Syracuse (in MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands)

* And you should give a crap, because it just might be the thing that saves the conference from oblivion.

I'm glad to see a true rotation here, and not some BS arrangement where ND keeps it's "traditional" rivalries with BC and GT/Miami on an annual basis, with the other ACC teams rotating into the free 2-3 spots each season.  That said, it might have been better for the conference to sort of force more marquee matchups featuring Notre Dame... more games against FSU, namely.

But it's cool, I'm happy.  We are going to see Virginia take on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in Scott Stadium in just two years.  Incredible.  If you're any sort of college football fan, there's no way you can avoid being totally PUMPED about this.

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