April 22, 2013

Hoos Reach New Heights

Pretty awesome piece from Jeff White, following up a pretty awesome homestand sweep against Florida State.  Crack it open and take a look.

Some numbers that really stand out to me:
  • 4,980 fans in attendance for the Sunday sweepclencher.  That's a great college baseball crowd.  Easily one of the top draws in the nation.
  • Brian O'Connor just turned 42.  He's got another 20-25 years doing this, easily.  We need to open up the checkbook and make damn well sure that those two decades are spent at UVA.
  • Oak's career record at UVA: 446-155-2.  Like, holy shit.  That's a .742 win percentage.  Wow.
  • This was our 1st-ever sweep of Florida State.
  • 13,890 fans made it out to Davenport this weekend.  That's more than a typical basketball game can draw.  I love how Charlottesville has embraced this program.  That'll be a huge component to continued success.
  • Brandon Waddell, our bulldog freshman Friday starter (usually the spot reserved for the staff ace), went a strong 6 innings in game 1 of the series.  He was battling through some recent ups and downs against ACC competition, but it looks lime he's righted the ship.
  • Scott Silverstein went 7 strong innings on Saturday.  I had expressed concern over his injury history and often ineffective pitching last season, but in 2013 he has been fantastic. A real asset to our rotation.  I'm happy and proud to eat crow on this one.
  • We are now 35-6 overall, 16-5 in the ACC.  We are cruising toward a top-8 national seed and hosting privileges for the NCAA regional and super regional (if we make it that far).
  • 9 saves for Kyle Crockett so far this season.  He has settled into the closer's role, and might be the best in the entire nation in handling 9th inning work.
Tuesday vs. Richmond and Wednesday vs. JMU.  Need to go handle business in those games before laying siege to Blacksburg this coming weekend.



  1. Nah man don't start bandwagoning on Silverstein now... you've made your bed.

    1. Get over yourself man. Silverstein has really improved this season - Hoo fans should all be celebrating, not whining about previous criticisms on fan blogs.

    2. Hey, you know what man? I've had enough. You don't like the blog, don't read the blog. Silverstein didn't pitch well last year - sorry, but he just didn't - so we thought it might be because of his injuries and surgeries and rehab that has required over THREE YEARS to bounce back from. There was smoke, so we called fire! But now he's pitching great, and I admitted to eating crow about criticizing him at the end of last season. It's over. We just want the Hoos to win, and it's clear that Silverstein is one of our best pitchers this season. So stop trolling, please and thank you.

  2. Yes. Just knew Anon would be in here and unwilling to accept your Silverstein take.

  3. hahaha what in the hell is that comment?

  4. awesome sweep, by the way. O'Conner and the team better be careful, they'll soon be in the territory of Lacrosse team expectations.

  5. I am a batty one nothing from either Harris or Phelps has shown they should play before Walker, but that being said that ship has sailed. Upside Phelps is only one year behind Walker have not seen him make any plays where as Walker has made quite a few in limited action.