April 12, 2013

More Spring Game


Hungry for more info about UVA's Spring Game?

Our friends at Streaking the Lawn did a pretty great two-part piece this week.  You are officially encouraged to read it.

You are also officially encouraged to purchase a Streaking the Lawn tee-shirt.

Meanwhile, after a week of reflection on the Spring Game, I have a few more broad thoughts:
  • The defense is going to be good.  Probably the best we've fielded under Mike London.  As long as the young linebackers hold up, we'll have a top-5 unit in the ACC, and the D will win us a few football games this season.
  • Thanks to Tom O'Brien's presence, we will in fact pick a quarterback and stick with him.  That quarterback will have his warts, for sure.  But continuity from series to series and week to week and game to game will yield a pretty good QB by season's end.
  • If there's one unit that will short-circuit our season, it's not the QBs, but the offensive line.  I am officially VERY worried about the OL this fall.  When you start wondering if any of the incoming freshmen can help on the o-line, it's a really bad sign.
  • We'll start giving Adrian Gamble and E.J. Scott more playing time over Dominique Terrell and Darius Jennings.  We have to.  We just have to.
  • The following players will ensure that this is a successful* season: Tim Smith, Jake Snyder, Eli Harold, Smoke Mizzell, KP, Jake McGee, Tra Nicholson, Ant Harris, Morgan Moses, Voz, Brent Urban, and Henry Coley.  I have a lot of faith in those 12 guys.

* "Successful" being 6-6 and a bowl appearance.


  1. Don't agree with the Gamble and Scott prediction right now. The spring game is the only thing that solidifies that statement. Jennings and Terrell have both had great days before too. Remember Terrell against Miami? Jennings had the best season out of any receiver last year.

  2. Hey Anonymous! Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting!

    I agree with what you're saying, I just have a hunch that the guys who are now running the offense won't tolerate the drops. Scott is the most sure-handed receiver on our roster, and Gamble has the size/speed ratio you look for. Jennings will still have a major role, but I'm not sure about Terrell.

    Speaking of that Miami game -- it was all gameplan. Short stuff to the middle of the field. So whomever started in the slot was going to have a big game. I think it's E.J. Scott who wins that role and gets the same chances if a similar gameplan comes together this season.

  3. Scott and Gamble both are solid receivers, and i think Gamble in particular could be really good. I just don't think Scott can do close to what Terrell can after the catch. I wonder if Smoke will cut into both Scott and Terrell's balls in the slot. I think McGee could take snaps from Gamble, Gooch etc. Gamble does give a unique look compared to Smith, Jennings, Terrell and Scott who all are about the same size.

    It seems to me there should be more regularity as to whom is on the field. McGee, Smith and probably Jennings should be out there much more often than last year if McGee can improve his blocking.

  4. ugh if we go 6-6 I will be so happy. That in itself is depressing