December 2, 2016

Our Guide: Colorado

Colorado hired coach Mike MacIntyre, a defensive specialist with some head coaching success in the Mountain West (at San Jose State) in December 2012.

Prior to his hire:
2008 -- 5-7
2009 -- 3-9
2010 -- 5-7
2011 -- 3-10
2012 -- 1-11

The Mike Mac Era:
2013 -- 4-8
2014 -- 2-10
2015 -- 4-9
2-16 -- 10-2 (so far...)


The Buffs Are Back

And though Colorado isn’t quite better than ever, it’s stunningly in contention for a conference championship thanks to a defensive revival


  1. Subtext: Give Bronco a few years before we start readying the pitchforks.

  2. I found this article interesting given the fact MacIntyre was hired having a defensive background in an age of offense. I am one that believes things come full circle and this "offense is the only thing that matters" will die off and people will go back to working on defense and hopefully hiring Bronco will put UVa ahead of the curve in that regard.

    I don't know enough about Colorado to see if the similarities between them and UVa stop there.

    The theme of the article to me was find kids that fit what you want to do and coach the hell out of them. If that means going after some 2 stars then so be it. Let's just hope Bronco can coach up 2 stars to play like 4-5 star players.

    Time will tell.