July 27, 2016

Baseball 2017 Quickstab

Sorry, guys.

I'll try to post more, promise.

We're almost upon football training camp, and I'm planning to do a position-by-position preview. But for the time being, some baseball!

My updated guess at next season

C) Caleb Knight / Cameron Comer
1B) Pavin Smith, the Ginger Avenger
2B) Jack Gerstenmaier
SS) Ernie Clement
3B) Justin Novak / Charlie Cody / Andy Weber
LF) Cameron Simmons / Doak Dozier / Charlie Cody
CF) Adam Haseley / Doak Dozier
RF) Jake McCarthy / Doak Dozier / Charlie Cody
DH) Robbie Coman / Charlie Cody / Justin Novak / Nate Eikhoff

Fri) Derek Casey or Daniel Lynch
Sat) Alec Bettinger or Daniel Lynch
Sun) Adam Haseley
Closer) Tommy Doyle
Bullpen/Rotation) Tyler Shambora, Bennett Sousa, Evan Sperling, Connor Eason, Noah Murdock, Jackson Tedder

1 - Clement
2 - Novak
3 - Simmons
4 - Smith
5 - McCarthy
6 - Haseley
7 - Cody
8 - Gerstenmaier
9 - Knight

Something to that effect?

Y'know, I'm starting to feel pretty good about all of this. Figuring out who starts on Friday and Saturday is the key to everything, and we have the arms -- just gotta find the right roles.

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