June 26, 2016

My Opinion

 I've been thinking a lot about what this year could shape up to be and here is just a few things I've come up with.

      Looking at our schedule, if we play up to the standards we could have a 8 and 4 season.  We could finally shut them damn emasculate turkeys up for a season. we would also keep Bronco's bowl streak running.  Playing in Eugene will be a big game to determine how this team will pan out.  Do I think we can win that game?  Surprisingly yes but it will have to be a knock down drag out fight to the end but then again i see it looking bad for the Hoos.  I'm going to give you a little idea as to why we could have a winning season (Finally).

1)  Speed.  The guys have been forced to go faster not just body wise but also no huddle wise.

2)  Kurt Benkert.  This guy comes in and gives Johns a run for the starting job and gets it.  If he doesn't get hurt he could go 2500 to even 3000 yards.  (He would be the first QB in school history to get 3000 in a season.)

3)  Smoke.  This will be his break out year.  He will be a huge factor in the passing game and the o line will be able to allow him to get possibly over 1000 yards rushing.   Expect to see him in the back field and also in the slot.

4) Olamide Zaccheaus.  This kid has me excited what the future will hold.  Expect him to be a major contributor.  Heck i think we will even see him line up in the back field along side of smoke.

5) Quin Blanding.  Quin has been real fun to watch.  Expect him to have yet another 100 tackles and with his ball hawk ability, I see a few good interceptions.  Kelvin Rainey and Darious Latimore will help make the Cavaliers secondary a dangerous unit.

6)  Micah Kiser.  This kid should have an excellent year.  Like Blanding i see him having another year of having over 100 tackles.  I expect him to be in the back field making big plays with sacks and or tackles for losses.  The first thing that comes to mind about Micah is Micnasty.

7) Andrew Brown.  He will live up to his 5 star rating.  He will also be in the backfield on a regular bases.  He is finally healthy and this will show on the field.  Donte Wilkins will also be a big stop guy.  Look for these two guys to have an excellent year and finally help bring our defense to a great position.  

  I know i have left some great players off but these few guys i believe will have an excellent season.  I am excited to see the start of a new season with an all new coaching staff.  It will not look like the normal UVA football that we have all cussed and thrown shit and just hatted our lives.   The canes can have Richt and the chokies can have Fuente because the Hoos got a grand slam with Bronco.  Is it kickoff time yet?


  1. I want summer to fly by. :) go hoos.

  2. Kendall,

    You're not only drinking the kool-aid, you're snorting it my friend. I too would like to be wildly optimistic about the Hoo's prospects this year, but I'm keeping my feet on the ground until we see how long it takes for Broncho to repair the mess Mike London left him.

    However, I do sometimes dream about what Broncho might have been able to do with with some of London's best recruits from early in his tenure.

    Speaking of recruiting, it looks like the new UVa staff has been on a roll recently. Hopefully they can keep it going and nab some of their top prospects.

    Go Hoos!

    1. Is Broncho some sort of fan-based slang that I don't understand?

    2. It was late, I was tied, the UVa baseball team wasn't playing in Omaha, Brexit hit my portfolio hard, I can't decide between Hillary, Donald or none of the above; I could go on and on - take your pick.

      Broncho is simply a typo. It should have been Bronco. My apologies. If I had been going for a new form of fan-based slang I might have chosen BroncHoo.

      UVa football snagged another commit from Woodberry Forest today, beating out Maryland for Terrell Jana [hope I got that spelling right]. Anyway, take that Mike London. Awesome!

      Go Hoos!!!!!

  3. I believe benkert is the deciding factor. Why would bronco go after a guy that had 2 years eligibility, and was familiar with ruff, plus has the run/pass threat they're looking for if he didn't think he could beat out Johns for the starting job? I feel like they like Johns leadership but that's just one thing he might have on benkert. Maybe they're banking on benkert to totally out work him and get it no problem? He seems like he's got johns beat from every angle.

  4. Don't sell Johns short the kid has been giving everything he has to this team,he has been miss used uncoached and won't go quietly into the night.

    1. Don't think Miles is selling Johns short. Johns seems like a smart guy and pretty sure he is a hard worker. Simple truth is he has a weak arm and is very slow-its time to go another direction at QB or we will be talking 4-5 wins at the absolute most with Johns.

  5. No way we lose to the Hokies this year. Not going to happen, 30 to 17 Hoos win in Blacksburg in Bronco's first meeting.