February 16, 2016

The fix was in...

Thank God we rebounded with a resounding 20-point dubya 'gainst the Pack.  I'm glad the team was able to move past the Duke loss.  I, however, am not going to have that luxury.

I just want all Hoofans to be completely aware:

ESPN and the ACC had a lot to gain by:

a) Hyping Virginia non-stop prior to Saturday's game against Duke.

b) Ensuring that Duke beat Virginia.  See also: Grayson Allen's four steps before the shot, and landing before the ball leaves his hand... no call on any of it.

c) Seeing Duke get back into the top-25 on the back of a big win over a top-10 Virginia team.

d) Setting up a big, marquee Duke/Carolina game this week against two ranked and surging teams.

We got robbed, Virginia fans.  You have every right to be livid.  That loss to Duke probably took us out of the running for the ACC regular season championship.  It might cost us a double bye in the ACC Tournament.

Wanna get really fucking angry?  Watch this.

I'm probably still too mad to post without saying something like 'I hope so-and-so (K, Allen, Kersey, Vitale) dies in a fire' or 'all Duke basketball fans should die of gonorrhea and rot in hell,' so I will refrain.

However, I am summoning all of my voodoo powers to cast a pox upon:
-- K's gimpy back, evil rat-looking face, and his lasting legacy
-- Grayson Allen's smug, entitled, infinitely punchable face
-- Kersey's brain, eyes, ears, and whistle-blowing lips
-- Vitale's throat and anything else he could conceivably use to make noise of any kind

I seriously fucking hate all four of those dudes.

Fuck ESPN.

Fuck the ACC.

Most importantly, fuck Duke.


  1. We watched the game at the Paramount, great idea and good atmosphere. It's a good thing there were kids all around as I wanted to scream every disgusting profanity at the screen directed at that old fuck Dickie V for having the Rat's cock in his mouth for a solid 2 hours and how Kersey yet again ate that fucking whistle he makes love to the whole game at a perfectly scripted time. Fuck Duke. They won't make it past the second round.

  2. Remember during football season when all the Puke fans were calling on Miami to "do the right thing" and give back the victory. Wonder where they are now??? I have never been more livid after a game. And, in the bottom of my heart, I know there would have been a late whistle on Shayok for the phantom foul had GA missed that shot. I guess two years in a row of no Duke or UNC winning the league was enough for the ACC......

  3. Grayson joins J.J. and Shane in the Duke trifecta of hate.

  4. It's funny during the UVa vs NC STATE game the woman from ESPN was going on about how the game wasn't rigged. And anyone who believed that was insane.

  5. UPDATE: http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/14848101/duke-blue-devils-star-grayson-allen-seen-tripping-another-opponent-win-florida-state-seminoles

    1. Dude's a fucking scumbag.

      It kills me - KILLS ME - to see the national media villainize Vontaze Burfict because of one stupid bang-bang hit, but they laugh off Grayson Allen's tripping. "Ha ha ha ha, another Grayson Allen trip!"

      Some teams are just 'made' teams. The Steelers. Duke basketball. And some teams have to fight for any shred of respect they get. Bengals. Virginia.

      It's frustrating. And it's the main reason I now hate Mike & Mike.

    2. I'd also like to see someone knock Grayson Allen's teeth down his throat.