February 19, 2016

Race for the ACC Regular Season Championship

It's too messy for me to try to tackle in this space, so I'm tossing it over to my man David Teel...

Cliffs Notes: Virginia is at Miami, home vs. North Carolina, at Clemson, home vs. Louisville.  Win out, and I think - THINK! - we'll win the regular season at 14-4.

@ Miami is a toughie, but we've had a week to prepare for that game.

Home against UNC is a lock.  That's a win for the Hoos on their home floor (unless the crooked ACC refs intervene in a major way).  As usual, Tony coaches circles around Roy.

Clemson is spiraling a bit after a heady start to the ACC season.  That's not an easy game by any stretch, but it's one we should take.

Home against Louisville on senior night for Brog, Gill, Tobey, and Nolte.  Please.  We win by 20.

Best case: 14-4, tiebreakers give us the regular season championship and put us in the hunt for a 1-seed in the Big Dance.

Wost case: 12-6, miss out on a top-four finish and a double bye in the ACCT, 3- or even a 4-seed in the NCAAT.

Most likely: We slip up on the road against either Miami or Clemson and finish 13-5, top-four finish and a double bye, but we miss out on our third consecutive ACC regular season championship.  2-seed (or maybe a 3) in the NCAA Tournament.



  1. No way we slip to a 3 seed in NCAA. Our body of work is way too good.

  2. Tend to agree with Mr. Doss, Kendall. Although we all know why we should have lowered expectations as Wahoo fans.

  3. KenPom has us as the #2 team in the country. Lunardi has us as a 1-seed. I know it's tightly packed at the top this season, but a slip to three at this point would be, like, a major bummer, man.

  4. I would rather them be a lower seed in the tourney. I don't think they'll be a 3 or 4, but I believe it would benefit them to be a little under the radar.