January 3, 2016

While we wait for Kendall's BIG Bronco post

   Hey guys and gals, my name is David and I'll be posting every now and then on things that come to my mind.  Some of you know me but for those that do not, I am Kendall's padawan. So lets just dig in to what has been on my mind.  Who was in JPJ for Bronco's half time standing ovation speech during the Oakland game?  The man is a true grinder and if any of these kids want to start this fall they better tighten down those chin straps and dig in.  I believe this man will make Saturdays fun again and he will also start packing the stands.  He will get win 100 with the HOOS and I hope we can keep the bowl streak alive with sending Bronco to his 12th straight bowl game.  No don't expect us to be ranked in the top 4 next year, but a 7-5 or even 8-4 season is in our future.
   One thing I'm looking forward to is no more run, run, short pass, and punt.  I don't know how many hats I have worn out slamming them on the bleachers at Fairchild's bull shit play calls. Bronco is bringing Robert Anae with him as our new OC.  Anae helped the cougars offense to a regular season ranked 21st in passing offense this year and ranked 14th in scoring offense last year.  With Jason Beck coming in as the QB coach and Robert Anae at the helm of the offense we will see a big, big transformation of the offense. Can't wait till the fall.

-David (aka the crazy man in section 118)

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