January 19, 2016

Brogdon? More like Slogdon!

Am I right?

Slogdon, as in how this basketball season suddenly feels... like a slog.

I'm going to keep this short and simple: The game tonight against 5-1 Clemson - CLEMSON - is a must-win for the Hoos, lest we slide to 2-4, and from the top five to the bubble in the span of 2.5 weeks.

Did you know that we're #10 in the ACC right now?  Number 10.  Behind such juggernauts as Clemson, Miami, and Virginia Fucking Tech.

Malcolm Brogdon needs to step up and start taking over games, BY ATTACKING THE BASKET.

The D needs to improve.

The sophomores need to huddle up and find one guy (just one guy, I'm not being greedy) who can pitch in as a #4 scoring threat to complement Brog, Perrantes, and Gill.

When Jack Salt comes into the game, he needs to know he has one job to do: Deliver a hard, violent foul.  Preferably to the opponent's pretty boy finesse big man.

Most importantly, we just need to start playing with an edge and some intensity, with a little bit of urgency.  We know this team has talent, and is capable of doing things like beating the Villanovas and West Virginias of the world, now they just need to get back to doing it, and string together a few wins.



@ Wake

I smell a three-game win streak.

Go Hoos.

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  1. I down, two to go.

    When's the Bronco post coming?