December 7, 2015


My immediate reactions to the hire:

-- Amazing coup.

-- After two-plus years of reasearching this coaching search, I never once thought of Bronco Mendenhall as "get-able" for UVA.

-- He's only 49.  Can give us a good 15 years, easy.

-- They wrote a friggin book about how well he runs his program, his leadership ability, his management savvy, etc.  (Buy the book, HERE.)

-- This is a 500-foot towering grand slam slam dunk hat trick home run touchdown hire for the University of Virginia.  Holy crap.

-- I'm excited about seeing the 3-3-5 defense at UVA.  The principles underlying it - movement, disguise, aggressiveness, and an extreme focus on speed - play extremely well in our specific recruiting footprint.

-- We wanted the Tony Bennett for football?  I think we got the Tony Bennett for Football.

Be sure to watch Bronco's introductory press conference at 10:00 AM (Monday), HERE!


  1. I watched the Presser. While I remain stoked about the hire, I wonder how many current players are scared shitless of this guy's Organizational System" post ML. Last week I was thinking 2016 would amass 7-8 wins. After watching the whole presser now I'm feeling another 4 win season and we have to wait for two or more full recruiting seasons before Bronco gets his soldiers. Go Hoos!

  2. I'm with you, but mark me down for 6-6 in 2026, 6-6 in 2017, 8+ wins every season thereafter.

    1. 6 wins each of the next two seasons would huge! I also wonder if 757 will embrace the Bronco way.

  3. I'd suggest looking at George Welsh's impact in 82-87 for comparison. Welsh had to clean house at UVA and get players to buy in. Next thing was the 1984 Peach Bowl!!!

  4. As a huge Wahoo fan living in Myrtle Beach (and a fan of Coastal Carolina) I believe we just hired the rancher version of Joe Moglia. I have never seen such poise and confidence in a new coach. I just hope the players get as much confidence in his system as he has. This could be big, especially if he can keep the players we have and continue to recruit well in state.

  5. After my initial shock wore off, I think this is a great hire. His former and current players love him because he was/is tough. His coaching record speaks for itself. And he actually has a system for how a program should conduct its business. I see no reason that we can't get to at least six wins in '16 and '17, especially with the OOC schedule being somewhat reasonable and the cross-ACC divisional games with Wake and BC. And after that be in the mix for the Coastal title.

  6. I think 6-7 wins is not out of the question, this is a building process.

  7. I think 6-7 wins is not out of the question, this is a building process.

  8. I've been checking your blog everyday since Mendenhall to UVA was official to get your reaction. I started to think you might be sulking cause we didn't get that O guru for head coach you so coveted. Glad you see this hire as a huge coup for us. Appreciate all the hard work put in to the research even if it was all for naught. None of us saw Bronco coming. Listening to his presser today had me ready to run through a brick wall. I'm gonna be patient, but in a few years we will be a force.

  9. Well maybe I need a new pro team. Hail to the Redskins. Well here's to UVa football and basketball.

  10. Who do you like for Offensive Coordinator? Seems like Anae is staying at BYU

  11. "Virginia: BYU offensive coordinator Robert Anae, offensive line coach Garett Tujague, running backs coach Mark Atuaia and quarterbacks coach Jason Beck will join Bronco Mendenhall’s staff at Virginia, in addition to Nick Howell and Kelly Poppinga who we already reported will go. We also expect strength coach Frank Wintrich to go as well."