December 3, 2015

Brohm or Bust

You've got to pick up the pieces

C'mon, sort your trash
You better pull yourself back together
Maybe you've got too much cash brain is hanging upside down.

Whelp.  Mark Richt used us as leverage with Miami.  Typical SEC scumbaggery --- sorry, just calling it like I see it.  I sincerely wish Richt nothing but absolute failure with the Hurricanes.

But you do what Hoofans always do, you pick up the pieces and you move on.

In this case, "moving on" means turning your attention to Western Kentucky coach Jeff Brohm.

Finish listening to the Ramones, and then watch this gem.

Is this or is this not Virginia Football?
Yes it is.
Do I or do I not currently have a pulse?
Yes I do.

Okay, full disclosure: I love this guy.  I love his offense.  I've done a lot of research on him since The List, Part IV, and I really, really like what I've learned.


Western Kentucky has won 15 of their last 17 games and that offense is incredible.
-- 44.2 points per game (4th in the FBS)
-- 519.7 yards per game (9th)
-- 48.99% 3rd down conversion (9th)
-- 0.613 points per play (1st)
-- 7.2 yards per play (7th)


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The Big 2015 WKU Football Guide -- The nuts and bolts of Western Kentucky's offense

"Rediscovering a Football Mind" -- Learn more about the Petrino system for which Brohm carries the blueprints.

In Praise of Jeff Brohm

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It always sounded like Jeff Brohm was UVA's second favorite behind Mark Richt.  Now I think the search goes quiet for the next day or two, because Western Kentucky plays in the C*USA title game on Saturday (vs. Southern Miss, 12:00 noon, ESPN2).  But after that, things could move quickly.  We'll get Brohm to Charlottesville, and we could have our coach locked down as early as Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

Stay tuned...


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  2. It'll be Jeff Tedford - You can book it!

  3. If we end up getting a good coach, I honestly won't care that we gave Richt leverage at Miami. If Richt somehow doesn't work there, they might end up Maryland poor.

    1. I agree. Missing on Richt hurt, but it only took me about 12 hours to move on.

  4. I think Brohm has what it takes to be a very good college football coach. And I absolutely LOVE his offensive background and what he could potentially do for Johns and Cutler. If he can bring in a good DC, then the sky is the limit. And I'd love to see him kick Richt's a@# next fall in HooVille.

  5. Why do you do this to yourself Kendall. You get all of your hopes up and then Lucy is going to pull the ball out from under you!

    1. I'm a Virginia fan. It's what we do.

      Besides, the world loves tryers.

      Plus, it's not always all bad --- we did dumbass our way into Tony Bennett!

  6. I mean, I feel like Brohm is just succeeding with Petrino's recruits. Is Tom Herman totally out of the question? Why not Lincoln Riley or Mike Sanford? What happened to your hype of Matt Rhule?

    1. No he's not, Petrino was there for one season, in which Brohm was on staff. You could argue he helped bring in those guys.

    2. Isn't Herman just succeeding with someone else's recruits too?

    3. Petrino's recruits at Western Kentucky, were, frankly, not very good. Or, at least, they weren't very highly-ranked.

      I think the "Brohm is winning with Petrino's recruits" thing is a silly bum steer. Brohm can coach, don't try to undermine that or confuse the narrative.

  7. I'm telling you man Pat Fitzgerald is the man, we have to look outside the box like we did with Tony Bennett. We can't get a guy who is just there like we did with London. I hated the hire at the time and even in 2011 his lone winning season. We need a wild card.

  8. Did you mean to say Brhom, Bust or Bronco!!!

  9. Bronco I actually like this choice. About time

  10. Kendall you idiot, Richt didn't use UVa for leverage-he had the Miami job when he walked (was pushed) out the door at UGA. He validated the Hoos' coaching search by interviewing to lead the stinking piece of crap London has left behind. Stop being such a myopic douche . Love ya man....

    1. MYOPIC DOUCHE! That's me! Way to hit the nail on the head.