April 30, 2015

Teams to Follow this College Football Season

If Virginia Football's got you down, might I suggest the following list of teams to follow in 2015 instead of the sad sack Cadavaliers?

(You never know, you just might be dumbassing your way into an advance scouting report of UVA's next head football coach.)

Air Force 
Arizona State (OC Mike Norvell) 
Auburn (OC Rhett Lashlee) 
Ball State 
Cincinnati (OC Eddie Gran) 
Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns 
Oklahoma (OC Lincoln Riley) 
Oregon (OC Scott Frost) 
South Alabama 
Texas A&M (OC Jake Spavital) 
Utah State

Seven months out, I think the smart money might just be on this guy.


  1. Two other teams to follow:

    1) Georgia. We nearly got Richt fifteen years ago. If the Dawg fans keep being fickle, they might throw him out and we could get a shot at him.

    2) Old Dominion. Bobby Wilder has as good of a percentage as Hudspeth, has built a successful program out of literally nothing, was a QB coach for over a decade, runs a 4-3 defense like Virginia, and his worst record as head coach was last year, when ODU went a soul-crushing 6-6. If they get 8 or 9 wins this year, don't track planes, track I-64.

    1. 1) ain't happening....should have taken him while you had the chance. Georgia fan's love a "Christian" coach-as long as he's top 10 every year.....dream on....

  2. I would support pursuing Wilder for sure

    1. (I know ODU is in the FBS now, but...) I'd really rather stay away from FCS coaches at this point. Don't get me wrong, I think Wilder would be a fine candidate, and UVA should interview and consider him. Just wouldn't be my first (or second, or third, or fourth, or fifth) choice. No coincidence that no other P5 schools have pursued him at this point.

  3. Follow UGA...reasons: SEC=big league football
    Dawgs give you a Chubb!
    Athens rocks
    No purple pimp hat wearing bloggers

    1. Yeah, but there aren't any viable coaching candidates for UVA at UGA right now, since Bobo left.