April 7, 2015


(This is going to sound a bit petty and bitter.  I don't care.)

Congratulations to Duke - a team who couldn't win its own conference regular season or tournament title - for advancing through the most pillow-soft six game stretch I've ever seen for a national champion.

Mike Krzyzewski assembled a team of one-year mercenary rent-a-players and scumbags (that's you, Justise Winslow) while doing his best to cover up a rape scandal (that's you, Rasheed Sulaimon), and is today celebrated as a great champion.  He needs to thank Wisconsin for doing his dirty work and knocking off Kentucky, he needs to thank the Selection Committee for setting up the cakewalk (including a clearly hungover Wisky team in the final game), and he needs to thank the amateur status of the utterly incompetent officiating throughout the Tournament.

For the last 25 years of my life, I have viewed the NCAA Tournament as the best sporting event on the planet.  Today, I am questioning that belief.

To me, this year's Duke basketball team embodies all that is truly wrong with college basketball... yet it's Virginia's system and style of play that was vilified and eventually crucified by the media.  It's frustrating.  Very frustrating.



  1. this blog is always a good spot for some delicious sour grapes

  2. Thank God someone said it. Good job, K! You keep rocking buddy. ~Frank

    1. Is that you, Frank Kaminsky?

  3. Not sure all of that is entirely fair. I'm bitter, too, but Duke did the best they could with the games they were given. Whether the NCAA and the refs made it easy for them or not, they still executed. Props to them - we'll get 'em next year.