November 10, 2014

Meet Tom Herman

I just found a recent comment on The List, Part III from a poster named "Midlohoo" particularly compelling:

The more I look at it, the more I think Tom Herman might be a particularly good fit. I know you have him on the list, but his name doesn't seem to be getting much, if any, discussion here or elsewhere. He's 39, seems like a really smart (literally, a Mensa member), well-spoken guy, and gives off the same kind of class vibe that UVA likes and that you see with Bennett, O'Connor, etc. He's got a very successful offensive system - a no-huddle, spread "Jet" offense. He's been at Ohio State for the last three years under Urban Meyer. Another key factor: He also was OC/QB at Rice, where ran top 10 national offenses in a high-academic environment. Things I've read suggest he's one of those top assistants who is "ready to run a program," which could mean nothing, but I take to mean that he's considered well prepared for the management aspects of the job, not just for calling plays. I believe he's also considered a good recruiter. He really seems to check off just about every box I can think of and just feels like someone who would fit into UVA's preferred mold.

I loathe all things Ohio State Buckeyes, and that bias led me to kind of subconsciously dismiss Herman from Virginia's search (even though I included him on The List).  But Midlohoo's post rattled the cage a bit, and I went to work finding some reading materials on Herman.

Here's what I'll be reading today.  I hope that you'll join me!


  1. Mensa member, sounds good to me. Probably can count how much time is left in a half and how many timeouts remain.

    1. Can he count to eleven? That's another good one.

  2. I don't pretend to know a lot about any of these coaching candidates, but the fact that this guy is smart just makes him exciting. Common sense goes a lot further than I feel like most people think.

  3. "I loathe all things Ohio State Buckeyes..."


    "...and that bias led me to kind of subconsciously dismiss Herman from Virginia's search (even though I included him on The List)..."


    "But Midlohoo's post rattled the cage a bit"


    I would love to find a similar coach to Tony Bennett, a good "chessplayer" that gives us a competitive advantage strategically due to a system that has proven itself. But, given London is perceived as a good recruiter and good face of the program, I don't want us to abandon placing competitive value on a personable salesman as well.

  4. I'm tired of people saying he's a great recruiter. If London was a great recruiter he would have seen that he has no QB, no OL, etc. talent? Yes, he has gotten 3 five star recruits. Only 1 has done anything and that is Quin B. Just accept the fact that UVA needs a new head coach. When you hire the right HC winning will bring in recruits. You don't have to have a top 10 class, the right coaches will make players better and want to win. I said it last yr on this blog he should have been gone last season. He's a great guy but not a great coach.