November 13, 2014

Forde-Yard Dash: Around the Coaching Carousel We Go

A great, relevant, pertinent read (and also one of my absolute favorite weekly columns):

Forde-Yard Dash: Around the coaching carousel we go

Great read, really entertaining.  The Ol' Woodchopper (Greg Schiano) would be an... interesting fit.  (Here's some clickbait if you want to do some reading up on Schiano, which I encourage you to do!  'Gotta Coach Somebody'  I'm not opposed to Schiano, especially after reading that piece from MMQB.)

Greg Schiano can be a real asshole,
but never forget how he elevated Rutgers - RUTGERS! - to relevance.

Assuming all of the jobs Pat Forde touched on open up (they won't), and assuming no other jobs open unexpectedly (they will) or via the coaching carousel domino effect (looking at Dan Mullen at Mississippi State, specifically), here's how I rank the openings:

~~~ elite jobs ~~~
#1 Florida
#2 Michigan

~~~ middling/good jobs ~~~
#3 Virginia Tech
#4 Virginia
#5 Illinois

~~~ tricky opportunities ~~~
#6 Rutgers
#7/8 Kansas / Iowa State

~~~ entry-level positions ~~~
#9 SMU
#10 Troy
#11 Tulsa
#12 Hawaii

I rank VT above us, and it hurts.  I actually think that as of December 2014, the two jobs are fairly equal, if you consider the long shadow Frank Beamer will cast over that program for the next decade-plus.  I nudge Tech just ahead of us in the above ranking thanks to their new Athletic Director, Whit Babcock, who I am sad to admit seems like a really good one.  Much better than our old conservative bowtie, Craig Littlepage.

Anyhoo... read those two articles I linked, Hoofans.  DO IT!

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