June 17, 2014

Quick Hoops Sidebar

Considering the baseball team is playing their biggest game of the year tonight, I figured it's a great time to talk some basketball!

With the NBA draft just 9 days away I found this interview with Joe Harris where he discusses all sorts of things, including the benefits of playing at UVA. Obviously no one is expecting Joe to light the NBA on fire next season, but the ultimate success of guys like Joe and Mike Scott in transitioning to the NBA game from the Bennett system will be a big factor in our ability to recruit the top shelf guys moving forward. While I don't necessarily think we will ever be huge in the one and done game, getting an occasional superstar could go a long way towards getting the program into national title contention. A proven track record of NBA talent is key in demonstrating to those players that even without the monster stats, you can still be successful at the NBA level if you come here.

Right now I have seen Joe projected as high as 36th overall. I think he will most likely end up somewhere in the mid to late second round, but will certainly be on a roster if he goes undrafted.


  1. Predictions for Mitchell?

    1. I predict Joe goes late 2nd or undrafted, and Akil goes undrafted. HOWEVER, either guy could stick with an NBA franchise after they get on the court in Las Vegas this summer.