June 25, 2014

One Win Away

I'm at the beach, shitty wifi, close to zero computer time and opportunity for blogging.  But I couldn't let this moment pass without underlining the significance of tonight's game.

National championships in soccer, lacrosse, tennis, polo, bowtie rugby, foxhunting, twiddly winks, and midget tossing are great... but this is our first really good crack at a natty in a sport that actually matters since Ralph Sampson was in the Final Four.

The pitching sets up great for us, I think.  Sborz is on short(ish) rest, but Artie is ready to rock, and Nick Howard should be able to go three strong to close it up.  I really like that we're about to forcefeed them a strict diet of power pitching after they got to experience 9 innings of surgical precision from Bulldog Brandon Waddell.  Big advantage for the Hoos in the "keep 'em off balance" department, I'd say.

The offense has been in a groove against the Dores.  More than in a groove, it's been on fire.  TWENTY-EIGHT hits and 15 runs scored in two games.  No reason to think it'll slow down in game three, other than for the weight of the occasion and the pressure of the situation.  But are you betting against Kenny Towns and company?

My main worry is that Vandy somehow finds a chip for their shoulders after Papi bumped the 3rd baseman who was blocking the basepath last night.  But even if they have that chip, we still have them outclassed on all fronts.  We have the momentum.  We have the "team of destiny" feel.

So here we go.  Huge night, huge game, huge moment.  One win away.  Get it done tonight, and it's my favorite season in any sport ever, and probably the most important national championship Virginia has ever won.



  1. Not sure baseball NCAA baseball matters much more than soccer, really. Similar number of teams at the D1 level. Maybe better CWS ratings? MLB certainly is bigger than MLS/Premier League/etc...

    Hmm interesting discussion.

    Gooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooooos

  2. I get what you're saying, but to say the other sports don't "actually matter" is a little far. I know football, basketball and baseball (maybe soccer?) have a larger following compared to the rest, but the rest still matter.