May 27, 2013

More about the selection show...

The The 64-team field - including national seeds and regional / super regional pairings - for the 2013 NCAA Baseball Tournament will be revealed at 12:00 noon (EST) today, Monday, May 27, and will be broadcast by ESPNU.  Make sure you tune in today between flipping burgers and squirting mustard on brats.

Assuming the selection committee really goes with the RPI (as shown by granting VPI the right to host a regional), we are in line for a national seed along with UNC, Vandy, LSU, Oregon State, Fullerton... and FSU and NC State?  For those of you new to following college baseball, there are 16 regional hosts, eight of which receive national seeds, 1-8.  If a team with a national seed emerges from their regional, they are then automatically a host site for the super regional -- which pits the champion of two regionals against one another in a best-of-three format.

Assuming we're a national seed - and we WILL be - which of the remaining #1 seeds would we want to be paired up with for a potential super regional? It won't be an ACC team, so it'll be one of Indiana, South Carolina (*gulp*), Oregon, UCLA, Louisville, K-State, or Mississippi State, right? Not a lot of juicy matchups for us at that point.

I'd love a crack at Indiana, but I somehow doubt they make it out of their regional. I want no part of those SEC teams. Oregon could be a fun matchup, especially with them traveling here. UCLA scares me. Louisville would be cool -- it'd give us a preview of future ACC matchups. K-State seems ripe for the picking.

But first things first. Let's see our draw today, and hope we avoid being matched up with Ole Miss, Arizona State, Alabama, Arkansas, or Notre Dame as the #2 seed in the CVille regional.

Meanwhile, here are some helpful links as you follow along at home today.


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