May 24, 2013

I was wrong... have ever questioned Scott Silverstein.  Having witnessed his 8 and 2/3rds innings masterpiece in Durham yesterday, not only do I continue to eat crow, I continue to enjoy it immensely.  Our hard-luck senior hurler has become the best battler on the staff, and the most likely ace for the postseason.  I have no idea if Georgia Tech will beat Virginia Tech this afternoon and give us a crack at the ACC championship, but if we get that shot it'll be because Silverstein willed us to a win yesterday.

I was also wrong to have posted this year ago: The Sims Effect.  It recently came up on the 247 Blue Board, in the UVA/VT Rivalry thread.  Hokies were using it to bash Hoos for being too optimistic about Phillip Sims when he transferred in.  My fellow Hoos even thought it was ridiculous and funny.  That's fine, and I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't a little bit embarrassed.  That said, I was excited about UVA getting a 5-star quarterback, because, well... we NEVER get 5-star quarterbacks.  Of course it hasn't worked out, and of course Sims will probably transfer, but I won't apologize for being excited when the announcement was made a year ago.  I will apologize for visiting the Blue Board, as it's a place where only scumbags and morons visit.

Having one of my blog posts used to ridicule UVA fans was admittedly a bad moment in the history of Wahooze.  In fact, I briefly considered shutting down the blog altogether.  But that was stupid, and in the end if you don't like what I write here, then just don't fucking read it.  Wahooze makes me happy, and I know it makes at least a few of my friends happy, so we will press on undeterred.  Maybe I have less time to post now that I'm a long-distance commuter, but Wahooze will march forward.

Finally, I was wrong to ever doubt the men's tennis team.  Of course, I still think the sport of tennis is pretty dull and lame, but this is the opposite of dull and lame:

Congrats to the tennis team, and congrats to UVA on yet another national championship!


  1. My former doubles partner in high school gym class tennis thinks it's dull and lame, that's just great.

    At least now I know the truth.

  2. Scott was amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing yesterday. I'm so happy that you got to see that game in person.

    GO JACKETS (ugh)!

  3. I seem to recall reading some shit about how logan thomas could be the best QB at tech ever, but I'm not enough of a loser to comb through VT fan blogs to find it just to seem cool on the interwebs.

    Screw those guys!