January 19, 2017

Basketball Starting Lineups -- 1995-2020

Cain is able!

Not exactly sure why I'm doing this, but I am...

1995-96 -- Harold Deane, Curtis Staples, Jamal Robinson, Norman Nolan, Chris Alexander

1996-97 -- Harold Deane, Curtis Staples, Jamal Robinson, Courtney Alexander, Norman Nolan

1997-98 -- Donald Hand, Curtis Staples, Willie Dersch, Norman Nolan, Colin Ducharme

1998-99 -- Donald Hand, Chezley Watson, Willie Dersch, Adam Hall, Chris Williams

1999-00 -- Donald Hand, Roger Mason Jr., Adam Hall, Chris Williams, Travis Watson

2000-01 -- Donald Hand, Roger Mason Jr., Adam Hall, Chris Williams, Travis Watson

2001-02 -- Keith Jenifer, Roger Mason Jr., Adam Hall, Chris Williams, Travis Watson

2002-03 -- Todd Billet, Derrick Byars, Devin Smith, Travis Watson, Elton Brown

2003-04 -- Todd Billet, J.R. Reynolds, Gary Forbes, Jason Clark, Elton Brown

2004-05 -- Sean Singletary, J.R. Reynolds, Devin Smith, Jason Clark, Elton Brown

2005-06 -- Sean Singletary, J.R. Reynolds, Adrian Joseph, Jason Cain, Tunji Soroye

2006-07 -- Sean Singletary, J.R. Reynolds, Mamadi Diane, Jason Cain, Lars Mikalauskas

2007-08 -- Sean Singletary, Jeff Jones, Mamadi Diane, Adrian Joseph, Mike Scott

2008-09 -- Calvin Baker, Sammy Zeglinski, Sylven Landesberg, Mike Scott, Assane Sene

2009-10 -- Jontel Evans, Sammy Zeglinski, Sylven Landesberg, Mike Scott, Jerome Meyinsse

2010-11 -- Jontel Evans, Mustapha Farrakhan, KT Harrell, Joe Harris, Assane Sene

2011-12 -- Jontel Evans, Sammy Zeglinski, Joe Harris, Akil Mitchell, Mike Scott

2012-13 -- Jontel Evans, Paul Jesperson, Joe Harris, Justin Anderson, Akil Mitchell

2013-14 -- London Perrantes, Malcolm Brogdon, Joe Harris, Akil Mitchell, Mike Tobey

2014-15 -- London Perrantes, Malcolm Brogdon, Justin Anderson, Anthony Gill, Darion Atkins

2015-16 -- London Perrantes, Malcolm Brogdon, Devon Hall, Isaiah Wilkins, Anthony Gill

2016-17 -- London Perrantes, Devon Hall, Marial Shayok, Isaiah Wilkins, Jack Salt

2017-18 -- Kyle Guy, Devon Hall, Marial Shayok, Isaiah Wilkins, Jack Salt

2018-19 -- Ty Jerome, Kyle Guy, De'Andre Hunter, Mamadi Diakite, Jack Salt

2019-20 -- Ty Jerome, Kyle Guy, De'Andre Hunter, Jay Huff, Mamadi Diakite

Also look at THIS.

Deano: one of my all-time favorite Hoos.


-- From this list of 25 seasons, only seven were Tournament teams (96-97, 00-01, 06-07, 11-12, 13-14, 14-15, 15-16). Pretty confident that 16-17 will be a Tourney team, along with 17-18, 18-19, and 19-20... in which I am on record predicting a national championship (given good recruiting in this crucial 2018 class).

-- UVA has habitually enjoyed 3 or 4 seasons of starting the same point guard. Deane, Hand (though he was really more of a combo), Singletary, Evans, and now Perrantes.

-- UVA has suffered from a dearth of impact bigs. Norman Nolan to Travis Watson to... really, it's a long wait until you get to Mike Scott's emergence as an elite player in 2011. The good news is that Bennett has proven adept at developing bigs -- look at Meyinsse, Scott, Mitchell, Atkins, Gill, and (maybe to a lesser extent) Tobey. Hopefully that extends to Salt, Huff, and Diakite. Still, I think I'd like to see better recruiting at the 4 and 5. Hopefully that begins with the 2018 class.

Norm Nolan was an underappreciated beast.

-- Pete Gillen really should have done more winning with the Hand/Mason/Williams/Watson core. One Tournament appearance (first round loss to Gonzaga) with that quartet is a crime. They suffered from a lack of supporting cast (I've never been an Adam Hall guy, and the bench was beyond suspect), but still. Those four guys could really play.

-- Dave Leitao sucked as a talent evaluator and recruiter. No way to sugarcoat it. He sucked ass.

Eat shit.

-- Players who never get enough love from Hoofans: Jamal Robinson, Willie Dersch (decent player who never lived up to Burger Boy expectations), Devin Smith, Adrian Joseph, Mustapha Farrakhan.

-- I openly wonder how things would have been different for Virginia Basketball if Majestic Mapp had never gotten hurt. (Tony Bennett would not be our coach right now, I'd surmise.)

Mapp: Hardest hardcourt career I can think of.

-- We've had some really bad luck recently, but nothing hurts more than the tease that was Justin Anderson. Between his hand injury / appendectomy at the end of the 2014-15 season to his decision to go pro early (robbing us of his presence in 2015-16), I think we've missed out on at least one Final Four appearance, maybe two.

-- My All-UVA team of the 25 years depicted: Sean Singletary, Curtis Staples, Malcolm Brogdon, Mike Scott, Travis Watson. Lots of room for debate in there, though.

It was really hard to leave Joey Buckets off of that list.

-- Average wins in the 14 years pre-Bennett: 15.9

-- Average wins in the Bennett Era: 23.6 (and that includes .500 ball while the program was being built, 2009-2011.

-- Weakest starters during this span, by my very rough approximation: Colin Ducharme, Chezley Watson, Keith Jenifer (yuck), Elton Brown, Tunji Soroye, Mamadi Diane, Jeff Jones, Calvin Baker, Jontel Evans, Paul Jesperson

This postage stamp is the only
picture that remains...

-- Backcourt continuity usually elevates a team. Usually. The Deane/Staples, Hand/Mason, Singletary/Reynolds, and Evans/Zeglinski backcourts oversaw some really uneven play. Things solidified greatly with Perrantes/Brogdon. I hope we can experience similar success with Jerome (or whatever 2018 recruit pushes him to the bench) and Guy in the near future.

I think my ultimate conclusion is that... despite a relatively shitty 15-year run... Virginia is a basketball school.

As if we didn't already know that.

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