October 4, 2016

Football Hot Takes

This is a day late, but I wanted to get Becca's baseball report on here first!

My hot takes following Saturday's glorious road win over Duke...

Micah Kiser is our best player.  I hope he sticks around for his senior season in 2017.

Kurt Benkert is our best cube since...?  He's a better passer than Biscuit, bigger arm than Schaub.  Best QB since Aaron Brooks?  In any case, he's got an NFL future, I really believe that.  Several Brett Favre and Jay Cutler comps made by Hoofans over the weekend.  I'm not quite going that far, but I don't see any reason why Kurt can't compare favorably to Kirk Cousins, Blaine Gabbert, Colt McCoy, or even Sam Bradford.

I totally applaud Bronco's balls, but that fake punt was bad.

But there's yin to that yang!  Blitzing all day up the middle, and then BAM!  Delayed OLB blitz from the slot that led to the signature play of the game, Jordan Mack trucking the Duke QB in the end zone.  Genius call.

Other than Eric Smith (who is always a million yards downfield trying to throw extracurricular blocks, which I dig about him) and Jackson Matteo, our o-line needs a lot of work.  It's holding our offense back from being able to be balanced.

Smoke Mizzell is a whole lot of things, but "fast" ain't one of them.  Not a knock on the guy, I just think Hoofans need to adjust their expectations for the player on this one.

Our receiving corps (Smoke included!) is an embarrassment of riches.


Bryce Hall: a star is born.

Speaking of Bryce Hall, I've been really impressed with how the staff has gotten the true freshmen ready to play.  Hall, Mack, Dubois, Reed, all made big plays on Saturday.

Pitt is playing through GT's cut blocks this week while we rest up and lick our wounds.  On October 15th: Virginia 28, Pitt 27.

At this point in the season, we are what we are -- a passing offense with a blitzing, takeaway-oriented defense.  We struggle to run the ball, and we give up plenty of yardage, but hopefully offset that with "bend don't break" effect and generating enough turnovers.  Meanwhile, we don't have a kicker.  We just don't.  So we'll seem very risk-takey, but it's just because we can't kick field goals or extra points.

All of that being said, can't you see the blueprint of what Bronco is building?

I wish we could play Richmond and UConn right now, but alas.

My adjusted season prediction:

Pitt -- W (3-3, 2-0 ACC)
UNC -- L (3-4, 2-1)
Louisville -- L (3-5, 2-2)
@ Wake -- W (4-5, 3-2)
Miami -- L (4-6, 3-3)
@ GT -- W (5-6, 4-3)
@ VT -- ???


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  1. I am really proud of how our team is improving week to week, especially the defense. We've really improved on that side of the ball. As far as the offense, let me say finally we have found a quarterback. Thank you God. But i still question this offense especially when we play better competition. To me the reason why we have been successful as an offense the past 2 games is because of benkert and his ability to keep plays alive and find guys down field. We cannot expect to really have success as an offense if we cannot find balance on offense. I agree that the offensive line needs work in run blocking but the way that we run the ball is the biggest problem. I obviously hate running out of the shotgun, but i also hate that we run so many long developing run plays. If we run another horizontal run play, im going to lose my mind. I like a lot of what Bronco has been able to do, I just hope that at some point and time we can develop more of a power run game to balance the offense.