August 26, 2016

New Uni Delay

Not sure what the delay is, but there is a delay.  You can see a sneak peak on Streaking the Lawn, HERE.

I'm about to push away from the computer for the weekend, so assuming they do an official release this weekend, I'll give you my full thoughts at the beginning of next week!

But to tide you over, a quick tickler...

-- The white helmet is bad ass. I love it.

-- I also love the helmet stripes. Love.

-- Orange V, white outline on the blue helmet, I actually like better than the other way around. I think we're just used to the other look, and that's why it's so jarring.

-- Jury's out, for me, on the numbers on the helmets. I want to like it, but I'm not sure that I do. Gotta stew on that one.

-- Love, love, love the all-white away uni. It's incredible.

-- I like the new home jerseys. Nothing ground-breaking, but the retro-made-new look works well.

Overall, I'm giving it a solid B+.


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