March 31, 2016

Thanks Malcolm, Anthony, Mike, Evan, and Caid!

Turns out, four days is enough time to cycle through the different stages of grief.

Sunday night was denial and isolation.

Monday was anger.  See also: "Dearth of Motherfuckers."

Tuesday was bargaining.  What'd we do wrong?  What could we have done better?  And a whole bunch of "if only..."

Yesterday was good old fashioned depression.

Today... acceptance.  I'm at peace with our Elite Eight appearance, and ready to give Malcolm, Anthony, Mike, Evan, and Caid the warm thanks that they deserve for building this program into one that is now nationally relevant.

I can't improve upon Chris Graham's column, so I'll just link it.  Give it a click, give it a read.


  1. Great piece, and thanks for this. WAHOOWA!

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