June 15, 2015

It's all on the line...

Tonight... In Omaha...

Read THIS.

UVA's storyline diverges here. This game means almost everything. The winner gets four days to rest its pitchers and needs only win one more to get to the finals. The loser has to win three. Connor Jones can go again on Friday, but if UVA has to play on Wednesday they'll be digging deep, and may not have the arms to win on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

In other words, a loss means the story goes like this: UVA scrapped and battled and put together a really nice improbable run, but unsurprisingly ran out of juice at the end. Good game, see you next year. A win, though, and UVA starts to look like the Michigan State of baseball: doesn't matter what happened in the regular season, just get Brian O'Connor into the tournament and watch how hard it is to kick him out of it.

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