February 24, 2015

Important Statement

“If you say you love basketball and you say that Virginia is boring, one of those statements is false.”

~Mark Titus

It's been a while.  London Perrantes has a broken nose.  We're winning ugly.  We're under attack by pockets of the national media for a style and system that is considered "bad for basketball."

Meanwhile, baseball season has started.

And... nothing from Wahooze.  But it's coming.  I've just been busy.

Thanks for your patience!


  1. Secretly HUGE game tonight at Wake. Have to avoid a bad loss in a place Bennet hasn't won without two of the team's leaders. Another in a series of gut checks coming.

  2. I am expecting a loss tonight. I am also expecting a 2-seed in the NCAA Tournament. And I am totally comfortable with those things. Very much okay with the adrenaline boost provided by late-season disrespect coupled with the healthy return of Justin Anderson.

    All that matters, all that really ever matters in college basketball, is winning in the NCAA Tournament.

  3. I was at the game Wednesday night, and it was a thing of beauty! The team didn't even have to score a single point in the second half and they still would have won. That was fun. Plus, the Wake students started leaving with 17 minutes to go in the second half. Totally lame.