January 30, 2015

We'll See...

Big game this weekend, huh?  Oh, and there's also the Super Bowl!

But for Hoofans, the only game that matters is Saturday night 'gainst Duke.

Our Hoos are 19-0 (NINETEEN-AND-FUCKING-OH!), but we'll need an A-level game to get to 20-0.  Duke will be ready.  Duke is going to give it their very best effort.

I think, deep down, a lot of us are still wondering just exactly how good this team is.  We blew out a good GW team, held Rutgers to 26 points on a neutral floor, beat Maryland AT Maryland, curb-stomped VCU in their house, did whatever it is we did to Hahvahd (and whatever it is we did, it was mushroom-shaped), beat a very good Notre Dame team at their place, and started the ACC season at 7-0... but still, we barely survived Davidson, needed a lot of luck to get past Miami, looked very so-so against NC State and Boston College, and painfully squeaked past a truly awful Virginia Tech team.  Anthony Gill's production is trending down and his body language isn't good.  Justin Anderson's scorching-hot start has cooled off considerably.  Evan Nolte can't hit the broad side of a barn.  Mike Tobey seems to be getting softer.  Et cetera.  The team, as it stands right now, doesn't seem as good as it did a month ago.

But look, we're still 19-0, and #2 in the public consciousness.

We have a really good team.  Nobody is doubting that.  But just how good are we?  Well, we're about to find out.

January 31 - Duke
February 2 - @ North Carolina
February 7 - Louisville
February 11 - @ NC State

This is a tough four-game stretch, as tough as any four-game stretch any team in the nation will face.  At the end of it, we'll see... is 2015 Virginia Basketball destined for the Final Four, for the epic showdown of system vs. athletes in a war against Kentucky?  Or is 2015 Virginia Basketball merely a very good team with Elite Eight aspirations?

It starts tomorrow against Duke.  It's hard to say to a team sitting pretty at 19-0, but I'll go ahead and say it: SHOW ME.

Go Hoos!

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  1. Good Luck this weekend Hoos! That 4 game stretch looks like our early January. @ Louisville, @ UNC, Notre Dame and Virginia at home. Luckily, you guys have quite a few more horses than Tech did. BTW Kendall... I am calling it right now, we won't end up 15th in the conference this year.