June 10, 2013


Great season, defying all expectations. Won 50, 22-8 in the conference, took eight out of the ten ACC weekend series, went 2-1 in Durham, earned a national seed, swept our regional to make a super regional appearance. Arguably the third-best season in the history of UVA Baseball. This weekend sucked, but let's have some perspective.

Meanwhile, it's clear our arms were just gassed at the end of the season. A bunch of freshmen and a senior seeing his first truly complete season at the college level. The staff just crashed this weekend. The bats went a little cold against some phenomenal relief pitching from the Bulldogs, and MSU just hit like crazy. With the state of the two teams when we met for this super regional, we were simply outclassed. That much was clear and apparent. Still doesn't diminish our great season.

I come away from the weekend knowing a few things:

1) I am now a die-hard Ole Miss fan. Those duck dynasty yokels from MSU were some of the scummiest fans I've ever encountered. Like Virginia Tech fans dipped in cornmeal batter and deep fried, served with a side of tator tots and buttcheese.

2) We are going to be nasty next year. Sick-McNasty. We'll miss Kyle Crockett, but with Whit and Artie back, along with the arrival of Connor Jones and the further development of the rising sophomores... just filthy. George Ragsdale is ready to replace Grags at 2nd, and Joey Mac in for King at 1st, we're ready to roll. Omaha or bust.

3) As much as I hated the MSU fans, I was impressed with the way they traveled en masse to invade Charlottesville. Considering to the amount of fans UVA brought to Durham, I'd say we are on our way to cultivating a nice core of baseball fans, but we're still pretty far away from the level of support some of these SEC teams draw. Call it a work in progress, I guess.

Anyway, great season. Sad to see it end today, but it was still a great season. GO HOOS!

Bring on football.

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